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  1. cymbidium Cymbidium orchids are thick, waxy flowers with five pointed petals on each bloom. At present the genus Cymbidium consists of 44 species originating from the Asian continent. Cymbidium is one of the most popular and desirable orchids in the world because of the beauty of flowers. Cymbidiums are very popular in floral arrangements.
  2. Cymbidium definition is - any of a genus (Cymbidium) of tropical Old World epiphytic orchids with showy flowers.
  3. The cymbidium bloom is triggered by a combination of falling temperatures and reduced water. The miniatures have generally been crossed with warm-house orchids, so they aren't quite as dependent on cold weather to bloom, but it's still an important part of cymbidium culture.
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  5. Cymbidium Orchids, Hybrids & Species For Sale. Pot Size: 5"-6" Blooming Size: Yes Temp: Warm to Cool Light: Mostly Shade Watering: Evenly moist / Slightly dry between watering Origin: Chinese Himalayas, Assam India, eastern Himalayas, Nepal, western Himalayas, Myanmar and Vietnam.
  6. The Cymbidium Society of America was founded in to stimulate and extend the appreciation of Cymbidiums, Paphiopedilums and other cool-growing orchids. Now consisting of nine individual branches, the Cymbidium Society strives to develop, acquire and disseminate information concerning these beautiful and enchanting orchids.
  7. Cymbidium is the oldest cultivated orchid, and there is evidence that they were grown in China years ago in records from BC at the time of Confucius. It is one of the easiest orchids to cultivate and, provided that certain rules are stuck to, it will flower year after year.
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  9. cym·bid·i·um (sĭm-bĭd′ē-əm) n. Any of various epiphytic orchids of the genus Cymbidium, native to Asia and Australia and extensively hybridized and cultivated for their elongate clusters of showy flowers. [New Latin Cymbidium, genus name: from Greek kumbē, hollow vessel, drinking cup, boat (probably akin to Sanskrit kumbhaḥ and Avestan.

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